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Originally Posted by LaurelPerryOnLand View Post
The only time that I've been concerned with not getting sufficient cooling is:

CROSSING the INTERNATIONAL BORDER between the US and CANADA...particularly at Blaine, WA (near Seattle).

Coming SOUTHBOUND (into the US) is not uncommon to see 2 lanes of traffic with over 200+ cars in each lane waiting to cross through US Customs.

That 45 minute - 1 hour waiting time would put severe heating conditions on a bike "inching" ahead.
(You could turn the bike OFF and push it about 1 mile).


Spend $50 (no fans required) and apply for (serious security background check and personal interview required) and get a NEXUS card that get you into a wait...LANE.

Buzz right up to the head of the normally EMPTY lane...FLASH your NEXUS CARD...and you're home free***

PS...getting the NEXUS card now automatically enrolls you in the US Customs & Border Protection GLOBAL ENTRY program at International Airports in the US. So...whether you're riding the bike or flying into the US...this is a great deal. No waiting at airports...special're home free***.

(***You must comply with all the very tight entry/customs restrictions on the use of this card or it can/will be confiscated and you'll never get it back)...per the issuing officer.

If it IS've obviously got some serious 'splaining to do.
Nexus is the ONLY way to fly.......AMHIK

And yes, one strike and you are out for LIFE.
Old enough to know better....
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