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Thanks Joel

Been distracted by your Baja report. Good Stuff

I'm aiming to get down there in march

Wrappin' it up...

A few pics from Day 3.

Morning at Camp Bradshaw

Rolling out... trail guide Ken with the boys in tow.

Bluffs at the entrance to Red Canyon.

Turning off of Summit Rd to follow Bradshaw...

... and crossing the old Eagle Mtn RR.

Military midden.

I chased Ken for a bit...

... while Ersin chased me.

Rich and Diego peeled off at Niland Rd. Time for them to head home

Ken, Ersin, and I hustled on towards the border (CA/AZ).

It was smooth sailing for a long while.

Then, just shy of Wiley Well, I get that funny feeling. Yep, flat rear tire

Luckily, there was campground nearby to provide a nice place to wrench.

Wouldn't be a '914 ride without a flat tire

We pushed on to the east, skirting farmlands on our way into Palo Verde.

Lunch stop at the only place in town.

Time for Ken to hit the pavement and head for home. See ya next time buddy

We had about 2 hrs 'til sunset... maybe time enough to run Bradshaw back to Mecca before finding a place to camp?

Lets go!

As it turned out, I think we could've made it if the weather hadn't turned sour. Started getting sprinkled on about halfway back, and looked like we were heading straight into a major downpour so I put the camera away (no more ride pics). Didn't care to be cold and sopping wet way out in the boonies, so we turned north at a gas line road and bailed out to I10. I was still thinking to camp out another night, but Ersin's 3rd 'incident' * convinced me it was time to head home.

* I slowed down for some potential cross traffic, heard a noise behind me, and saw the bottom of Ersin's skid plate in my mirror as he cartwheeled to a stop next to me

I'm gonna finish with this one 'cuz I like it

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