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Originally Posted by RenoMoto View Post
1) Lets just put It out there: taping roadbooks sucks. Although, some people (HogWild in talking to you!) enjoy watching others suffer as you described.
With the paper sheets, it's a question of ME suffering, or YOU. My current continuous roll printer setup takes 45 minutes to print just one roadbook (250 miles). When you guys gang up on me with a group of 8 or 10, there's no way I'm going to sit there and watch those things print for 6 or 8 hours for each day of riding! The damn thing ends up spewing 1000 feet of blank paper out on the ground if I let it print without supervision, so yes, I like to see you all suffer!

Originally Posted by RenoMoto View Post
Again, HogWild is way ahead of the game here.
I'm building a new printer that should be able to print continuous rolls as quickly as Kut Caselli can blast through a set of Argentina dunes. If I have success with this project, your suffering will be over, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.
New desert racing frontiers
It will be Devilish !
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