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Turn her in or get her fixed? Cracked up 990 S

Well all that love the Adventure Bike and hate to see a pristine machine cracked up...

On Jauary 13th, a very "iffy" looking man on a rusty old bike decided to shoot across an intersection ignoring all traffic signals. The light was green for me and I was traveling about 36 MPH when he jaunted across. I hit the front brake, swerved to the right to avoid him but it was too late. He is going to be OK - He was in the wrong - He took a ride to the hospital in the ambulance. I hit him pretty much square then laid the bike down and slid about 20 feet on the pavement. I am OK. I only had bruised ribs and a sore shoulder thanks to all my gear. The 990 on the other hand isn't doing so well. Majority of the damage is from "impacting" him and his rust bucket.

The impact of the collision did some pretty good damage to both fairings, headlight head unit, and then the subsequent skidding ground down the crash bars pretty well.

I am glad I am OK and I am thankful to the 3 witnesses that stopped to help out and support my claim of innocence. I feel sorry for the guy - I am, but he was riding towards me on the wrong side of the street, and then took a right turn right in front of me ignoring the streetlight.

Progressive will be towing the bike form my place to their place for their assessment. I gathered all the usable farkles and off she will go. I have attached photos for those to see and comment if you think I'll get a "fix" or a "totaled out" response. Part of me wants it back, but not if there will be any long term issues. I don't think there was any frame or fork damage. Most damage was to the plastic fairings and the head unit which was pushed into the handlebars pretty hard. Bike won't light up at this point so who knows? Any advice or similar experience in dealing with insurance is appreciated. They will cover my Helmet, Jacket, Pants, Gloves, etc. up to $3K in extras.



Held Jacket

Shoei - My FAVORITE!!

Klim Gloves - Knuckle damage.


I WILL be continuing my quest on a KTM 990 Adventure - just not sure if this one is going to make it...!

It's a damn shame as this bike was everything I needed, wanted, and could handle. Of course, the incident happened 3 miles from my home......and I mean the guy didn't even look upstream. Can you say show me the toxicology report?? 11am on a Sunday Damn morning. ARGGGGHHH.

Ya ya ya - I know it ALLLLL can be replaced. But from a methodical point, people these days do NOT PAY attention to their surroundings. I did SEE THIS GUYS CELL PHONE on the pavement next to my bike and recall that he may have been using this ITEM whilst riding his rusty bike. My witness said he may have been on it as well. Really????????????

Ok, back to the KTM - It's made for the dirt so maybe I stay off the damn pavement altogether from now on.

Suggestions for a Bay Area repair shop may be helpful as well in the event I have to negotiate an estimate.

More to come.....

I don't normally ride on the street,,,but when I do,,I prefer lane splitting.
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