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BK to PnP

Originally Posted by Nata Harli View Post
I sent this email to daveg but in case any of you have some suggestions, feel free to chime in.


A couple of questions. I'm not sure what you are monitoring right now so I'm going to post these in several places.

There are 5 of us heading to PP in the morning. We have 2 options to get to the border.

1. Catch a bus at 5am and get to the border around 9am.
2. Catch a train at 6am and get to the border around 2pm.

Which do you think is the better option.

Next question: It appears we have several options once we clear immagration into Cambodia. Private taxi, bus and ??? Do you have any suggestions about the best way to get from Poi Pet to PP?

Thanks and we all hope to see you tomorrow.

Ken et al,

A little while back I posted this link that exactly lays out how to transit overland between BK and PnP. Scroll down to see the on the ground experience of other travelers. I would prefer to start on the train but by your posting it seems that the earlier arrival advantage of the bus would win out. The bus leaves you with much more daylight travel options. I take it that the direct bus did not pan out?

I'm here in Boston now waiting to take the AM flight out. Luckily it seems that I am scheduled on a United 777 so no grounded Dreamliner for me, phew! Unless they they decide to reassign my plane to the affected routes .

See you guys I'm a bit...

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