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Originally Posted by LaurelPerryOnLand View Post
The only time that I've been concerned with not getting sufficient cooling is:

CROSSING the INTERNATIONAL BORDER between the US and CANADA...particularly at Blaine, WA (near Seattle).

Coming SOUTHBOUND (into the US) is not uncommon to see 2 lanes of traffic with over 200+ cars in each lane waiting to cross through US Customs.

That 45 minute - 1 hour waiting time would put severe heating conditions on a bike "inching" ahead.
(You could turn the bike OFF and push it about 1 mile).


Spend $50 (no fans required) and apply for (serious security background check and personal interview required) and get a NEXUS card that get you into a wait...LANE.

Buzz right up to the head of the normally EMPTY lane...FLASH your NEXUS CARD...and you're home free***

PS...getting the NEXUS card now automatically enrolls you in the US Customs & Border Protection GLOBAL ENTRY program at International Airports in the US. So...whether you're riding the bike or flying into the US...this is a great deal. No waiting at airports...special're home free***.

(***You must comply with all the very tight entry/customs restrictions on the use of this card or it can/will be confiscated and you'll never get it back)...per the issuing officer.

If it IS've obviously got some serious 'splaining to do.
Could you just cut the queue? You're on a bike.

Or stop at duty free, buy a Toblerone, and get ahead of the line.
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