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Originally Posted by Yeahbaby View Post
Hey NONE, I have a RTP fan housing less the fan if your interested, gratis. Lets see what you can do with it. PM me with the address. I too have been working on this. I thought a 3' bilge blower might work. But I was looking for a higher cfm blower. I was also trying to come up with some way to blow air onto the front of the cylinders to cool them down as well, because I believe most of the cooling is done at the cylinders, not oil cooler.
There is a large oil passage in the head that runs around the combustion chamber's circumference. Oil picks up heat here and it gets pumped through the cooler. In that respect, its very similar to the way a liquid cooled engine is set up. My bike hasn't overheated (yet), so I'm not entirely sure what set of conditions would have to occur, but I strongly suspect low speeds and high ambient temps are on the list. Boosting airflow through cooler can only help keep oil temps down.
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