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Hallo, apology my bad English. I was over New Years Eve in South-France, hardcore enduro riding, 6 days on my Gasgas 515. Very narrow tracks and steep uphills. The Rekluse is my only solution to handle my bike in such extreme situations. But on the tracks between, mostly on roads, it needs a lot concentration to ride a Rekluse-bike. It needs often to be shiftet. Par example, You go into a sharp corner with 3 Gear in it. No problem without Rekluse, my F 800 GS has enough torque to manage it. With Rekluse, the clutch disengage and You miss motor brake. So You have to shift more often to be not surprised. On the other way, accelerating out of a curve, You must do it equally in correct gear to provide excessively clutch wear out. My Rekluse connects complete at about 3500 rpm (heavy wedge kit, soft springs) I think, even when it connects at 2500 rpm on a bike, which is often used on streets, it needs al lot of concentration. On the other way, I donīt want to get on my F 800 GS in situations (hard tracks) to want a Rekluse. I did not need it in the Northern Sahara.
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