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i did that, it's still quite hard to push it in, i had to try using a hammer and a piece of wood, it's not moving much. really stiff. with the screwdriver it when in but it requires to be opened a lot more to go in. i hope i don't screw things up.

also, the gap is about 1-2mm when i open the fork clamp. quite unnerving.


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Just move the wheel out of the way for a sec, does the axle slide in with no wheel? no? very very gently tap a large flat screwdriver into the slot on the bottom to open up the hole slightly, does the axle slide in now?yes? leave the screw driver in place, pull the axle out & fit the wheel, read up on how to correctly align the forks? & never over tighten the clamp bolts, hope that helps
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