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Ahhh... That's not good. You really should call the county and have someone take the animal and test for rabies. REALLY!! When I was very young we came home to our dog with a killed raccon, had it tested, it had rabies and they/we had to quarantine the dog (and our cat ) for six months to make sure they did not get infected. Do not take this lightly. You and your family, if you have one, could be in danger as well as any other person or animal you dogs come into contact with. The thing is a normal coon that is not all zombied by rabies would not have been caught by your dogs easily. The risk is high. I had to kill a rabid skunk one time too. It was stumbling in circles in our yard in the middle of the day. I mean who gets that drunk in the middle of the day?? Jokes aside, rabies is more common than you may think. Good luck with it man.
It is serious with the rabies, but they only do 10-14 days anymore. I had one of my cats reported after a month long killing spree..2 possums, a wood chuck, numerous squirrel and other rodents, rabbits, & 3 Copperheads...Best Cat ever!!! We call him the Honey Badger, cause he doesn't give a shit. The goldens would just roll in the dead carcasses. But I had a neighbor report him and animal control had us quarantine him for 10-14 days can't remember.

Good luck...and give them a couple extra treats for that one.
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