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Originally Posted by Falcon Rust View Post
the axle slides in the wheel but won't go into the bottom of the fork. the bigger part of the axle won't fit into the bottom clamp of the right fork. as if the fork clamp has shrunk or closed up, bike wasn't touched. anyway, i have cleaned and greased it all, but it still requires a lot of force to open the clamp and push the axle. it just requires a lot more force and i am worried to mess things up. i am not a pro mechanic.

slightly pissed off now.
Maybe a dumb question, is the axle new as well? If it's your original axle, how long has the axle been out of the fork clamp for? Make sure the axle can slide through both forks without the wheel in between them, YOu might be catching a lip in the wheel thats stopping the axle sliding through that just so happens to coincide with the shoulder on the axle trying to enter the fork?
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