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Originally Posted by toddzacker View Post
It is serious with the rabies, but they only do 10-14 days anymore. I had one of my cats reported after a month long killing spree..2 possums, a wood chuck, numerous squirrel and other rodents, rabbits, & 3 Copperheads...Best Cat ever!!! We call him the Honey Badger, cause he doesn't give a shit. The goldens would just roll in the dead carcasses. But I had a neighbor report him and animal control had us quarantine him for 10-14 days can't remember.

Good luck...and give them a couple extra treats for that one.
I believe the 6 month quarantine was because they tested the animal and knew 100% it had rabies. Now that I think of it, our dog did not kill it, my dad did. We did not know if our dog bit it or not while barking at it, etc in the yard, hence the long wait. I am pretty sure you can call animal control and they will pick it up and test its brains. Still the only way to test for rabies as far as I know. That's why they quarantine. Otherwise they have to kill your pet to find out.
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