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So not wishing to re-read the last 133 pages of mostly speculation and that...
Seeing as we dont seem to be getting an 1190 until 2014, has anyone been through the trials of importing a Euro model of any brand bike recently and had it registered here in the States? In other words, should importing a Euro spec 2013 1190 be put into the too-hard basket? I have a box full of pollution crap I could temporarily install on it to pass inspection...I am sure I could come up with a US DOT-spec (read "pathetic beam pattern") headlight (or just take the Euro headlight and cover it in masking tape for the same effect). At least it seems like having a 12" extension for the rear fender to pass DOT seems to have gone by the wayside, but if not there are plenty of mudflaps with catchy phrases and pictures at any truckstop on the interstate.
Seriously though, anyone with any experience in bringing in a new bike from OS? I imported a used bike into Australia years ago and in hindsight it was worth it, but at the time...not so much...
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