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Thanks guys. I already called my vet this morning to verify rabies shots and they are both up to date. Vet not concerned, said I could bring them in for a booster so I'm going to do that later. No marks on dog, she must have caught it on the run without a fight. It was 10:30p when it happened. Normal racoon activity time. Not like it was walking around in broad daylight acting funny.

Honey badger, lmao. That would be a good name for this dog, she doesn't give a shit either. Two dogs, a young male lab, fetching machine but just a big doofus otherwise and 6 yr old female terrier mix, possibly part badger, 37 lbs of gristle. Hyper friendly lovey lap dog, even good with the cat, but she is 100% fearless about diving in holes and catching critters.
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