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You handled it very well. Glad you are ok. My wife travels w me sometimes to certain areas of the world that are not very safe, my biggest fear is for her to get cornered or for me to get pinned somewhere where I can't get to her. It may sound stupid but I depend on the buddy system ( like kindergarten) for bathroom breaks, ATM, or anything along those lines. We also make sure to let others know where we go - say head call be back in 2 min- etc. jic.
I understand you are trying to relax at a vacation but these scum lazy idiots are just waiting for your guard to be down, or drunk and merry where you buy and give them money. Lazy bastards, stupid too. They are destroying one of the strong industries of Jamaica.
Glad u r ok, could you pls have a rum on us freezing FFs?
"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday"
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