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Originally Posted by garfey View Post
Boundsy thru WP1

good to see him on his way ...

this was in MCN, i saw a 20 min penalty on the dakar site now i know waht for :

Craig Bounds is now a regular top ninety finisher despite his injuries, He ended the day in 83rd which leaves him 84th overall, but revealed to MCN that he missed the last way point so is expecting to get hit with a time penalty in the final results.
ďIt was a lack of concentration at the end of the stage and as a result I missed a way point. I think itíll be a 20min penalty which is no big deal. Iíve ridden this stage twice before but it was different today because of the weather. It was much cooler and it was actually pouring down on the liaison. My back is still killing me but Iíve just got to put it out of my mind and carry on.Ē
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