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I had about the same thing happen to me on the 4th of July 2012. A lady pulled infront of me and I nailed her. She was in a car though. I was worse off then the bike. Broke my right knee, (again) shattered my right collar bone, broke my right shoulder blade in half. Also some road rash and what not.. The bike looks like yours. Smashed the whole front cluster, right tank, both fairings, radiator. The forks and frame are ok though. It cost me about $3000 in parts to fix it. Also lots of thanks to Dudes on Adv rider. That's where I found some parts also. It did cross my mind not to fix it. But as you said. I love the bike. It's a 07 and I had it since new. 30000 miles. On it. I just couldn't part with it. I figured it would be a fun winter tearing it down and rebuilding it. Plan on starting in Febuary. It does help a little that I am Master Orange level certified, But the bikes are surprisingly easy to work on. So it's really just up to you. If you really like the bike and want to get to know it better then tear it down and rebuild it. If you don't really feel up to it there's nothing wrong with a new Adventure. Either way man, Glad to hear your still riding with us!
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