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Originally Posted by GAS GUY View Post
The aluminum inside the shock is not hardened or coated like a high end shock so it breaks down and contaminates the oil.The oil in my shock was like a frothy black oil with some trace of aluminum residue.Also,there is not alot of oil in the shock,so it doesnt take much for it to break down.
Its like if you take some mothers aluminum polish and rub it on a piece of aluminum that is raw your white rag will be black,but if you do the same thing on a coated or treated piece your rag will be clean.

My shock has a modified 2 stage valve stack and proper spring also so the fact that it is working more efficiently may also contribute to the oil breakdown.

Got it - makes sense . . . . . .thanks!

Ilearned something today -- must be time for a nap.
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