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Eh? N00B to GPS, quick help toget started

Just picked up a Garmin Oregon 450(my first real GPS), Birdseye, and a SDcard for the Northeast.

I want to make some routes on the computer, mostly dirt (not gravel or graded roads, I mean real deal single track if possible) with intermitten roads to connect (title for my CRF450x will come soon, hopefully). Doubt I'll do any overnight trips, but I wont count a 1-nighter out.

I have gathered that basecamp is my best starting point for software. I dont get mapsource with the sdcard, right?
What I'm still grey on is if my sdcard maps are able to be used in basecamp? Do I need to return it and get the dvd and a blank sdcard for storage? I think eventually I'd like to get pretty good and intricate with mapping and planning, but for now I'd like to just not get lost and not have to stop and pull a map out every 5 miles.

Could someone give me the basic how to; what exactly I am making (custom map or just a plot of points that will show on my sdcard map?); and what pieces I need to do so.


P.S I just moved to PA/NY near Elmira if anybody knows of good trails or wants a riding buddy when the weather perks up and I rejet the bike for lower elevation.
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