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The lizard might have been more reasonable that the ´´Liz´´ Taylor at the height of her career and shenanigans with Burton but director John Huston was a handful of a legend in his own right. I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Huston, one of my few heroes, when he narrated one of my films. We recorded it at his home in Jalapa, south of Puerto Vallarta in 1984 accessible only by panga, and maybe it still is. The ¨house¨ was essentially an screened porch right next to the water, not great for sound recording, the only room with four walls was the bano so I padded the inside with furniture pads and recorded Mr. Huston as he was sitting on the "throne" and my wife was in the jungle behind the house chasing away a noisy and pesky parrot!

My first visit to Vallarta was in 1975, on another film project, and it was quite a different place then, maybe 30,000 people, now 300,000. By 1983 it had changed quite a lot. My most recent visit there was 11/10 and it was truly not recognizable. There are many things about it that are better and many more that are not. It has really lost the flavor of ´´Old Mexico´´ Carlos and Charlie´s where beer was brought to ŭou in iced galvanized buckets and cost about .25 cents a bottle is long gone. Replaced by a modern high rise building because real estate on the malecon is way too ´´valuable´´ one has to, or at least should question ´´values´´ that compromise unique cultural artifacts but such is progress. Good news was that the Hotel Nuevo Rosita was still there on the north end of the malecon, very much "old mexico" and an still an incredible bargain.

It is good to hear varying and even negative opinions here. My buddies who rode their bikes to Panama in 2008 were only robbed twice. In Costa Rica. At night while they were sleeping in their room. Not one problem in Mexico. Kinda took the edge off of my interest in Costa Rica, that and the prices people seem to be paying these days. I will go because I am an adventure viajero but will certainly be more vigilant.
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