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Texas has tried the past three legislative sessions and none of those bills made it to a full vote. Last time it made it through the House, but died in Senate Committee. This sessions that started last week, unfortunately I do not think any of the Representatives have submitted a bill. If that is the case then it will be at least 2 more years before another chance arises. (Texas legislature meets only every other year.)

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By that I mean, what would it take to make it legal, and more importantly, accepted? We all seem to know the biggest problem with it in the US is other drivers' perception of filtering/splitting to be "cutting in line" or skipping ahead.

So what would it take? Adding elements to driver's ed? A massive PSA campaign? Why hasn't the AMA ever tackled this issue in force? Isn't the AMA supposed to speak for motorcyclists? I'd join if they were making a bold effort to allow lane splitting everywhere. A lot of people complaining about it -- but is anyone actively trying to change it?
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