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This was my 5th time to Jamaica since about '95. I'd been harassed by street and beach vendors, but never threatened.

What I did right:

Engaged the villains in conversation.
Bought time.
Did not show fear (but holy shit my heart was beating! And I kept thinking Shit This Is Gonna Hurt!)
Stood up straight.
Looked them both in the eye.
Said "No," and meant it.
Escaped as soon as possible.

What I did wrong:
I'd had one beer. Really only one. But it was out of a big silly bright pink bong shaped plastic cup that screamed "Easy Tourist!"
I didn't have a clear plan with my gf. She didn't see me when she exited the lady's room, so she went back to the club and waited.
I was dressed like a tourist.

Jon is right: don't shave, let your hair go, and stink a little. Kinda hard to do at a fancy all-inclusive though. Remind me to stick to motorcycles and horses.

In othe news, I thought I'd eecovered from being sick, but my right ear must still be inflamed. I couldn't get below 20 feet down and had to abandon my one try at scuba on this trip. Jamaica diving is usually good. My ear still hurts.
I am Charlie.
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