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Originally Posted by Hondo View Post
I just paid $145 to title/register my TRAILER.

Four or Five years ago I went into the DMV to renew the plates on my boat trailer. They had expired during the winter when I am not using the boat so I hadn't noticed. I've got my pen out to write the check and she quotes me a similar ridiculous number. I hand her back the tags and say "No way." Haven't been back since. I have two trailers that I simply run with expired plates. (Plates are mounted far enough under the trailers that I bend the bottom of them under like I have backed over something...can't see the year tag that way.)

I figure that by now the fine would be far, far less than the extortion they are charging!

Hey, I'm not proud of it, but have limits to my willingness to pay what in my view amounts to an illegal tax passed by people I voted against!
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