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Today I woke up with the sun shining in my window. A beautiful day outside indeed! I ate breakfast first thing in the café, then I headed south towards Anchorage. The two-lane highway turn into a 4 lane divided highway, also known as a interstate, but even so, it wasn't really very crowded. Much like the North Dakota interstates, long miles with not very many people. I pulled into Anchorage and took a picture by the sign before driving down to the library to upload some pics for Facebook . The Anchorage library is really quite nice, multiple levels, lots of books and computers. I decided to use the guest computers like three times because there was only several computers available for non-members. After that I went to Walmart pick up some oil and a couple other things. I needed an oil filter so i had to track down the location of the Kawasaki dealer. I bought some oil and a filter and talked to the guys there for a while. I inquired about some new tires such as Avons or Shinkos, I was considering trying a 705 out. My Avon was getting a little low and I knew they would be more expensive in Canada. They didn't have any unfortunately. They looked pretty busy. A lot of bikes there are being worked on from lower 48. In the for sale row, they had an electric bike there which looks pretty cool. Spendy though, so I wasn't going to buy it.

It was rather warm today, probably about 75°. I was getting a little sweaty standing around in my jacket. My cousin called me from Colorado to see what was up. He had been up to Alaska a few years before with his buddy, they flew up and rented a car and drove from Homer up to McKinley. I got too warm talking to him, so after a few minutes i just had to get riding again. Left the town of Anchorage which has half of Alaska's population in it. I headed south to Homer after this. The highway going south right out of Anchorage is pretty neat to ride, it follows right along the bay and there's a railroad track between the highway and the bay. My bike hit reserve going out of town about 10 miles. As much as i didnt want to, i had to stop and paid extra 40-50 cents a gallong for fuel. I think the cheapest i saw in Alaska was $3.89 per gallon in Anchorage, and the place I stopped at was more like $4.30. Thankfully I only had to put in approximately 5 gallons.

The rest of the drive Homer was rather uneventful and I went nonstop until arriving in Homer, where I stopped for fuel, got a snack, and grabbed a phonebook look up some fishing charters. I wanted to do some halibut fishing since i was right there. My pastor used to live in Homer for 3 years, so before I left Colstrip I inquired about some good fishing charters. He give me the name of his friend there to ask, so I gave him a call, but he was gone and his wife wasn't particularly familiar with them. I ended up booking with Bob's trophy charters out of the milepost book. They had an opening the next morning I signed up for. That was after I called a few other ones first, but only to find they are all full for a week or more. I rode out on the spit, Bob's bookie told me I could camp right behind their office, so camp there for free three nights i did! After setting my tent up I decided to go for a stroll along the highway through the shops. Probably about 11 o'clock at night I walk into a restaurant to eat, but they were closed it just forgot to lock the door. The staff was just sitting around talking, they snickered when i walked in. Down the street nothing was open except for the Salty Dog Saloon.

I walked in there for a beer and see if they have any food. No grill there, just the bar. I had to settle for one of Homer's locally brewed ales, which was not too bad. I met a local fisherman was probably in his 30s he worked on a commercial halibut charter and had quotas to meet. Such a job was dangerous and long hours when they were out, but making $180,000 in 6 months wouldnt be too bad. He traveled south in winter months to warmer areas, then came back to Alaska fishingin the summer. I also met a gal I'll be there mid 30s from Wisconsin she came up to visit her sister up there. I told her about my trip and she wanted to follow me on facebook, but never seen added me. Her name was fairly common, and i couldnt find it. Oh well.

I stayed out till after two, then started walking back to my tent. Along the way there were a few people cutting up their fish that they had caught earlier in the day. The Homer spit had multiple public fish cutting tables, which were set up at various spots along the spit. I also saw an eagle sitting over on therestroom watching the people cut up fish, waiting for scraps. I got about within 30 feet of the big bird. That's the closest I've ever been to a eagle in the wild. Just as friendly as robins back home.

The Seward highway going out of Anchorage to the southeast. Just beautiful.

World Famous Salty Dog Saloon, Homer, AK.

Mr. Eagle in Homer around midnight.

The midnight Homer beach.

357 miles today.
Go riding today.
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