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Originally Posted by GSPD750 View Post
I read excitement and youth in your post meaning good times ahead. Ride safe and far....and we await your pic
You're right for both excitement, as I watched bikes out of the car windows since I was little, and for youth, as I'm 22-23 years old!

Originally Posted by Dr E View Post
Always cool to read in words someone experiencing the period in their life when a motorcycle is a new freedom. As you go out and begin to find out about the world that exists off the asphalt make sure that you are prepared. I don't just mean with gear, tools, and back up items to get you out of a jam...but make sure you take a camera for pictures that you will have for a life time; a video camera if you are wanting to capture a trail ride that is breath taking; a notebook if you like writing as there is nothing better than capturing the feelings as you are in the moment and a friend or two. Nothing better than after a day of riding then sitting around eating and laughing about the things you just did.

When you do get a moment, post up some pictures of your bike as it would be cool to see what you have!
I really like photography even if I have a lot to learn about it, I will sure bring my reflex with me on my future road trips!
Here are the photos. Unfortunately one of the two ex owners dropped the bike, so the fairing was a little damaged. I have repaired it with some bi-component, but aesthetically it's still ruined, maybe in the future I will repaint it! The fall also damaged the radiator fan, it was stucked so I had a little overheating problem in the traffic, now it's ok!

60.000kms, 1500 euros, included transfer of property. And, as I bought it from a Triumph dealer, I have 1 year of warranty, I called them today to pick it up because it runs on 1 cylinder ( as I said, CDI problem :\ ) and I hope they will fix it under warranty, and soon! : D
Originally Posted by Ladder106 View Post
Hiya Spina

Welcome to motorcycling.

You will likely get a fair bit of advice from most of the grey-beards here...listen to that.

But we all secretly envy you since we all remember what this felt like when we were doing it a few (or more) decades ago.

So here is some advice:

For yourself.....swallow some of that youthful pride and find at least two training courses.

One for street/road riding

The other for trail,dirt and off-road riding.

These two courses will pay for themselves very quickly since they will allow you to learn in a few days what would normally take a few months of falling off and bending stuff to learn if you do it the "hard way".

You might also consider finding a local riding club that does off-road riding, joining with others with more experience will save you time and money.

For the bike:

If there are no crashbars fitted. Get some and put them on.

Install "barkbusters" or some form of handlbar/lever protection.

There is not "if" about falling off....just "when". If you are just starting to ride off-road, you will fall. The crashbars will pay for themselves in saving the Transalp's expensive plastic and the bar-ends will save bent and broken levers and allow you to pick the bike up and continue riding rather than pushing it home with a broken clutch lever.

On the mechanical side:

Look for cracked and leaking fuel lines first.

If the fuel lines are OK...make certain the "choke" cable is not sticking and that the two choke plungers are moving freely in the carburators.

Be CAREFUL when removing the choke plungers from the carbs. The plack plastic hex nuts are SOFT and easily rounded off if you are not careful. They are also placed in an area that is difficult got get a wrench into.

Keep us posted on how you're doing
Crash Bars are already on the plan. For the moment I haven't money, but I hope to find some job during the summer and buy something! For the levers I have the standard handguards for the moment.
I haven't the skills to check for carburators o mechanical problems, I hope the dealer will help me; for fuel problems I asked to check for the air filter. As soon as I have the bike back I will see if the consumption will get better, maybe the low mileage was due to the overheating, will see :\

For the courses: it's not a problem of pride, trust me! I have no problem to admit that I have a lot to understand and learn before saying to myself that I have learned how to drive, and I think that even at the moment I will always have something to learn. In the future I think I will search for some courses here near Milan! For the moment I plan to ride with my motorciclyst friends, even if they have on road bikes. I'm thinking to go offroad to, but it's a plan for the future; I know about some groups of transalp entusiast here in Italy, I will check on them!

thanks for the welcome guys! I will listen to every advice possible, as I said i have a lot to learn!

PS: As I said in the first post, english is not my mother tongue and I would really like to improve it, so every correction is really appreciated, even from the grammar nazis! : P

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