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Originally Posted by redhat View Post
ASO did their best to make a mess of tomorrow's WP's, but here is my try

The day starts with 90km connection, followed by refuel and start @ 90:30 local
WP1 @ 42 km
WP2 and CP1 @ 70km
WP3 @ 112km
WP4 @ 139km
WP5 and CP2 @ 154km
CP3 and WP6 @ 164km
WP7 @ 192km
CP4 @ 212km
WP8 @ CP4 or 222km
Stage neutralisation and refuel @ 245km
WP9 @ 277km (in neutralisation??)
End of neutralisation @ 306km
WP10 @ 325km
WP11 @ 360km
WP12 @ 385km
CP5 @ 417km
Finish and refuel @ 441km

This followed by 204km connection for a total of 735km
WP2 vs CP1
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