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If you want to ride from Mexico to Canada--------offroad----and want something totally different than what almost everybody does-------you might be interested in a route me and a friend laid out from Lochiel Arizona to the Canadian border in Idaho.

It is much more challenging than the CDR and was one of the best rides of my life. I don't think anybody has tried are route after we did----so you could be the first.

The CDR is awesome--------this is way better. We rode 5,300 miles on this ride-----------big bikes need not apply.

I'm just about heading out the door to Baja---so will be out of touch---but here is the link if you want to read about it.
What Big Dog did above was basically the Great Western Trail and he did a fantastic job. Google GWT, lots of web sites but no GPS. He did it several years ago and way back then there was not a good way to get good GPS tracks. I have been working on the GWT for two years and now have Active Log tracks from Nogales to Soldier Summit on Hwy 6 in Utah. In many places the forest service and BLM have marked it but they did not account for Gas, Food & Lodging (I don't camp). I hope to finish it next summer. In several places I have Adv bypass sections so it can be done on a big bike also. You can find my tracks on

Also like Big Dog says, GWT much more fun, the CDR is a bicycle ride. To that end I have also scouted a new route for the CDR across NM that actually follows the divide and is much more fun. It is also on

Also if you want a route that is even better than CDR or GWT check out You have choice of all Dual Sport routes or Adv routes. 950s welcome!
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