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Reading this helps me realize that my bike must have the low mileage the seller indicated. He says under 12K. He owned from '94 & the title then had 9K. He also says he couldn't have put more than a couple K on it the whole time. The odometer somehow got scrambled & all digits do there own thing riding. I did get the trip odo working correctly so I'll check off every 999 miles on the maint. log I keep. The seller had 3 beemers when I made this one mine. I hardly ever saw him on it in the 8 yrs I've known him. He was either on the 75 or 76 R90/6 or his '85K100RT.

When I pulled the rear wheel there no ridge on the hub or the drive. No wear there either. I feel I got the best of his 3. The R90 is very clunky I had had no interest in the K bike. The R80 is what was offered to me. Finally having an air head is what brought me here. Now if I can get it ready for spring I'll be a happy boy. Fresh tires, dual brakes & a few pricey items to be safe.
1978 R80/7
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