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Originally Posted by DarkRider View Post
Finally got my new XC accessories mounted so figured I'd add my 2 cents on farkles. I basically sold my '02 1150GS Adventure - had spent almost 10yrs tweaking her to what I considered perfection for distance touring - but the weight thing was an ongoing problem so I went to the 800XC and have no regrets. Here's what I added to mine and have a few photos of the mods:

- TT windshield adjustment bracket
- Triumph fog lights
- Triumph grip warmers
- Triumph headlight protector
- Triumph radiator guard
- Triumph sump guard
- Triumph engine guards
- TT fairing guards
- additional power outlet
- center stand
- TT cases (that was my "big splurge")
- hyperlights

I selected these accessories after reading the thread and contemplating what I'd done to my 1150 over the years. I also ditched the rubber pads on the stock pegs...that drops about 3/4" off pegs and makes it easier for me to ride/shift with my Sidi Crossfire boots.

I've got a Giant Loop Diablo tank bag to install and then it's just a matter of seeing how the XC will do with 500-700 mile days...she's already proven adept at 250!

Given that the XC hasn't napped yet or gotten dirty, I can't add much on the durability of the guards or off-road performance of the pegs, but based on my 1150GS experience, I suspect the XC will do just fine.

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