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Never saw him/her...

[Now I am thinking: brighter headlights? Modulator?]

This left-turn thing is my #1 nightmare. But, I've been riding with Skeen Designs Photon Blasters for the past 7 months and I'm sure they've alerted at least one or two drivers in a way even headlights won't. They're "strange" to oncoming drivers and seem to get noticed when headlights - all 3 of them - don't. Just sayin. Your experience with ATGATT is inspirational. Last summer my wife and I sweated through a week of 100+ days in the Balkans in full summer gear envying the locals in their t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops.... except that in Albania they don't post speed limits, you know where to slow down by the number of memorials erected for the dead along the roadway!

Thanks for posting!
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