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Originally Posted by Shawnee Bill View Post
The likelihood of more than just a few of the top 20 that have made it this far dropping out or loosing many hours is very slim. We all understand that. Robbie understands that better than we do, with that in mind replay his comments about those ahead of him having problems. He said when he flipped over his chances of placing high were gone. Everybody understands that. So does he roll over and play dead or keep charging? You think he should hang his head in shame and wave everyone by that is higher than him in the overall? That ain't happening.

Nasser making it as far as he did was not a fluke, like him or not, the guys good, he built (had built) a good buggy.
I never said he should hang his head in shame or wave anyone by. I've simply pointed out what seems to escape many of his fanatic followers.

Nasser getting as far as he did was a total Fluke. Damon Jefferies building those cars at the last second with zero testing and development time and expecting them to perform was a joke. Jefferies had never built a car for the Dakar before, 90% of what they build are toys for playing in the dunes. The engine builder Jefferies used is a shop that specializes in dyno tuning and all of their true builds have a history of being unreliable, not endurance motors. The last 3 race cars Jefferies built caught fire and burnt to the ground.
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