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6 months later...
I am finally finding regular time to work on the bike...
I talked to a friend of mine and he talked me through hotwiring it since I don't have a key.
Before I try to kick it over though, I thought it best to go through the oiling system.
I also need to make sense of the wiring since this bike requires a battery I believe???
Anyway, I got 15 minutes today and took that time to remove the seat, kick lever, and oil tank.
Hopefully more to come...

These screws are going to give me trouble. I want to remove the cover there so that I can replace the hose that runs from the oil tank in to the crankcase. It's pretty hard and cracked.... I hammered a screwdriver into them to try to get some bite but, no dice. I plan to soak them in liquid wrench before trying again.

And, here is what the majority of the wiring looks like... Looks like someone was taking it all apart then lost interest... Lucky me! I dislike wiring as it is. Oh well, hopefully the Clymer will come in handy here.

Suggestions and criticism welcome. I know next to nothing about working on bikes.
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