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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post
Wow. Just wow. After all the contenders and their fighting words and intentions this year, the top 5 becomes an all KTM affair. Make of that what you will. Riders? Machine? team? Maybe - most possibly- a combination of all three.

Gutted to see Botturi slide down the sheets after missing a waypoint (I didn't quite understand why) but, once again, this race rewards the concept of The Team, instead of just the rider or the machine. And The Team to beat is KTM. Hopefully, with Husky/SpeedBrain, HRC and Yamaha committed to this race, we can only hope they keep learning and taking notes, and here's to a brilliant 2014 edition with more upsets, more varied stage winners and -if all goes well- a new Dakar winner.,,

Yeah, I hear you say that there is still a stage and a half, but after witnessing Le Patron's strategy today, can there really be any doubt left? A worthy title for team orange & Cyril once again, I am hoping this display of race craft can only inspire the other teams, get them thinking hard and make them work

Right, I'm off to get some rest, and happy to be riding orange. Ever since my first SuperCompetition 620 (yeah that's what EXC's were called back in '95), and witnessing Heinz' purple Dakar machine, I have rooted for this team, a David amongst Goliaths when it first dared enter the Dakar... 18 years on, who would have guessed. More power to them, they are a case study in how to dominate

rant over, catch you all tomorrow
Nate in N.E.

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