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Originally Posted by V-Duck View Post
Tim, ya gotta come up with a better canned message!
True, but "fuck this place is fucking awesome, you fucking fucks are in for a grand ride report when we get back, you won't fucking believe it!" Isn't mom friendly, and two of them are on the notification list... the link to google maps is the important bit for those who want to see where we are actually.

And you'd shit at some of the roads we've taken; everything from two lane, flat out straight line dead perfect blacktop to devided mountain pass perfect pavement, to gnarly gravel/construction and repair to more potholes and repaired but failing potholes than road, to jeep trail, to abandoned RxR grade, complete with bike swallowing puddle filled tunnles and steel plate covered trestle over a swollen river a thousand feet below, to desert track and loose fist sized rock, steep as shit mountian pass/ridgeline...

Also, the cities are fucking crazy, no traffic rules we're used to other than stoplights, and everywhere else it's every man (woman or child) on the fastest bike with the biggest balls for themselves. Sometimes it's man and woman and children on one scooter...

Also- there's some kids here riding all of this, flat out on heroHonda 125's, two-up, no gear, passing everything moving...and also too, seems like ten to one bikes/cars here, the hot biggest local bikes are weestroms, but theyre rare. Mostly 125s, and scooters, out in the country its twosmoke dirtbikes if given the option, but the previus are ubiquitous everywhere.
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