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Originally Posted by Shawnee Bill View Post
He's a fan favorite for sure. I'm wondering how long they will keep him in the pre-race intro's while he's just barely finishing top 10. Hate to see them drop him from that.

They've dropped him from race coverage, don't remember seeing him get any mention this year? Probably wrong about that though.

That makes me ask if Carnard was included in the pre-race at A1? He's earned it.
This is kind of a pet peeve of mine. They spend sooooooo much time on the fluff bull shit with some hope that they are going to get your grandma to watch it, that they spend zero time on pretty much anyone that's not a top 5 contender. Why not spread some love around to, I don't know, the WHOLE DAMN FIELD? Walk around through the pits with a camera and a microphone and talk setup with these racers, get inside their helmets. I'm sure the fans would love it, and maybe even grandma, too. I think the producer(s) of SX totally misunderstand their audience. We are not the monster truck crowd. Not that there's anything wrong with monster trucks. Most SX fans are hard core race fans. They could learn A LOT from the MotoGP coverage. They do a much better job of *race* coverage, than the bullshit SX dumbed down fluff crapola.

And yes, Ralph sucks as a commentator. When he commentates MotoGP occasionally when speed takes over the coverage when the races are here in the states, what is normally an excellent broadcast goes right down the tubes, instantly. And I can only assume when he does the commentating, the same crappy producers that produce SX are there too, telling Ralph everything to say. So bring on the "World Feed" for SX, like they have for MotoGP, and drop the amateur producing and commentating - professional racers in a highly competitive, super-human sport deserve professional commentators and production.

/rant off

That said, I'm glad we have coverage, especially live coverage. It's good to have it, but it could be sooooo much better.
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