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Originally Posted by Josephvman View Post
I wasn't a big Nicky Hayden fan, but I have a lot of respect for the way he has hung in there at Ducati and scratched out the most he can from what is obviously a very difficult motorcycle to race on.
I'm sure he's a fine man n'all, but you know, that hangin' in there has probably been to the tune of $2M a year. He wasn't ever going to consistently beat the Aliens whichever bike you gave him so like Edwards, he's been collecting a big paycheck for little actual results (in MotoGP).

I have no doubt he could clean-up in any national series and would be a potential champion in WSC on the right bike.

And he still doesn't speak a word of Italian that I'm aware of. That's a shame, he might have developed a winning bike if he'd learned the language.
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