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Originally Posted by GHO100 View Post
Fuck you, and fuck your acusation of ignorance.

You know what burning human feces smells like? BURNING HUMAN FECES. Its the smell of a city so poorly managed that people dump piles of trash and excrement in front of their homes on the street and set fire to it. Its the smell of a city where people neatly tuck their cellphones between their shoulders and ears, and whip their dicks out in the middle of the sidewalk and take a piss while still walking. Its the smell of a city that lets dead dogs and cattle rot in the middle of the roads.

Did I make a general statement about India? No. Guess you have some insecurity issues about your origins, and no, I don't give a shit if you're Indian. You brought that up, and I wouldn't have asked. So go fuck yourself.
So you are just enhancing the stereotype of the "American" tourist who goes to a foreign land and starts getting all judgmental. Thank God that it's a stereotype and as most stereotypes go, mostly wrong.

I did touch a nerve here looks like. Seems your real beef is with your employer who put the company's balance sheet before the human capital. Am presuming you have shown the same bravado aka "Fuck yourself" etc to them already :)
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