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Central America

Thoughts on CA.

I had a blast and could have done all my 3.5 to 4 months there. It is something I considered b/c I felt like I was passing a lot of stuff by but my desire to see Colombia was always going to win out.

Bad things that happen in CA.
-Guatemala Crash
-2 pick pocket attempts. I chose not to write about then b/c those types of acts are not isolated to CA. And were only attempts b/c in the end I either stopped them or got my stuff back(long story).
-Honduras Roads and drivers.

Good things that happen in CA.

Everything else and the Guatemala crash. The crash had some intense moments but in all reality it just made my faith in humanity stronger and made my anxiety about Guatemala dissolve. From the guys that helped me on the side of the road in the pouring rain to a new good friend in Guat City. It is all an experience and how I handle those experiences is a measure of me. Handle them well and almost always something good can be taken away.

There are some great on and off road rides especially in Guat Nica and Rica. The paved roads in Nica were a nice treat after the roads of death in Honduras. Nica was one of my favorite places overall but Rica may win out for overall scenic rides. The main drawback as everyone knows is the cost.

I could have easily spent more time in all of the countries I saw. I do feel i got a flavor for each and will return to many of the places someday.

Part of the idea of this trip was to cross some things of my life list or bucket list. Here is the problem: I find the exact opposite happening. I see great places and either want to return or hear of more great places. Cross one item off add two is the theme. It is a good dilemma to have.

Some random pics that I found that did not make the RR.

Had lunch in Rica with this little guy.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

There are some days where I go pretty introverted. A function of my weak spanish and traveling alone. It is not very often but it happens. I have noticed cool little dogs like the one above provide for good conversation and to pass time. Hard to not smile with that cocked head goofy look. However I do know that dogs think my spanish is as bad as the locals think it is.

Cool KTM I saw in San Jose. Talked with the guy for a bit. He spoke no English but didn't matter we both rode so enough said.

Went big in Puerto Viejo on lobster

Husband wife couple I met in PV that are traveling around the world. First year in the Americas by moto, other years other methods.

Coolest bike I saw. In Puerto Viejo. I had tell the hippy with it that it burned gas and he was destroying the environment. I didn't but I wanted to.

This guy using the cross walk in Bocas del Toro.

The biggest highlight was me getting my bike in South America.

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