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Changing roles. The rider becomes the mechanic and the mechanic become a photographer.

It took me two hours of roaming around the streets of Leon to find the Garage where I had dropped off Bruce on the previous day. But once I was there, I started the work very quickly. Washed the bike thoroughly, (something which only the rain took care off in the last few months) and the mechanics assisted me in various ways. As some of you had suggested, it was the shaft and the front universal joint which were defect. But it wasn't just defect, it was broken into pieces! Anyhow it's a reason for a sigh of relief. A problem with the gearbox would've meant, no riding, probably, for weeks!

I was all optimistic. This kind of problems could be solved without having to buy the expensive part and wait for them till they arrive from somewhere far away. But it was up to the local mechanics, who had the necessary tools to mend the broken part. I took the drive train apart within one hour, and brought the old and new spare parts to the specialists (Supposed to be the best in town) I explained them what I needed done. They asked me to come back in the afternoon at three to pick up the repaired shaft.

At three O'clock they were still busy repairing my drive shaft but half of the work was done. When I inspected their finished work, I was disappointed with the workmanship quality. Bruce wouldn't have lasted more than 1000km with the new repairs. So I showed them what wasn't good and they were nice enough to admit their mistakes. However, they failed each time to deliver the good workmanship. Four times they sawed the pieces and re-welded because I noticed that it was crooked or misaligned. They were simply not trained enough to do a proper job.

Where you needed to use a saw they used a chisel. When you needed a vernier caliper they used the thumb. Not that they didn't have those proper tools. They simply didn't know when to use them. I felt very sorry for the workers and they accepted my critics and demands each time. Just before it was dark, it was my turn to ask them a favour.
"Will you let me do the work in your workshop?" I think they were relieved. They stretched their hands and showed me the workbenches and the tools. "Please, consider it's your workshop", they said.
From 5 p.m. till 7.30p.m. I took charge and nearly got all the work done. Tomorrow morning I shall be continuing on the fine works. Hopefully before midday I shall be on the road and stay on the road without problems :-)

Wish me luck folks!


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