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Our second day in Xilitla

Susan is one tough cookie. Through her protective gear she sustains burns on her shoulder and elbow. She hasn’t complained once. You know every muscle in her body has to ache. She’s given up on the bandages and gone for the “air is better” for healing method.

Another picture for your enjoyment off the top of the church

I’m starting to pick up on the ability to order great food. This becomes my favorite breakfast I try to order every morning. Huevos Mexiana con jamon. Nummy!

Today we will head to La Pozas sculpture gardens. But a walk through town first.

Check out the rock work in the steps above!

Mexico's strict wiring codes

A beautiful rock wall. Think of all the hours fitting the rock

Our room is color coordinated with Craig!

Dog of the day

A construction site. A new cement pour and the supports while it cures

It is nice to be off the bikes for a day. Paul and Kevin had suggested the back road in might not be the best choice for street bikes. Five of us set of to walk the distance and enjoy the beauty of the area. Betty, the dog whisperer calms the Doberman we assume nibbled on Paul as we pass him on our way to the gardens.

The sculpture gardens had been high on the list of “to do”. We arrive to find Susan shopping at the street vendors outside. Shopping is her passion, but we can’t figure out where she puts it. Their bags don’t seem to explode. You’ll notice Susan is only traveling with a tank bag, and Bob is carrying the minimal gear the two bring along.

The tour we are offered is a “pay at the end” $200 delight, or about $2.00 each. Our guide grew up in the gardens under the watchful eye of his father, an employee. None of us can remember his name. The choice was a grand one. He had great passion for the gardens in his heart. A bus load of noisy youth so irritated him he went off to scold them to ask for peace for all enjoying the gardens. He came back and suggested we return here in July and August for the beautiful orchid blooms. The climate is perfect for them. Our guide, and some garden shots. We tip him well. It was worth it.

Ah. The textures of Mexico How long did it take to lay this path?

Peter, Betty, Craig and I head off back up the gravel road. Our lunch spot is half way back to town, a lonely restaurant along the way. It is owned by our guides Mother, who used to cook at the sculpture gardens. I order the special, a fish steamed in a banana leaf. We watch the cook as she exits the resturant and returns with a banana leaf for my meal. The moist fish was delicious!

It is a long way back up the hill to town. A house along the way reminds me of the “luxury” I live in at home.

We had tried to stop into El Museo earlier in the day but it wasn’t open yet, so we try again. It is discovered that it is a restaurant, with a surprise museum inside. The walls contain the handmade forms used to create the sculpture gardens. Dean notes they are very intriquite and maybe even more beautiful than the cement. We meet the owner. He is from New York, married to the grand daughter of the property manager for La Pozas. They returned to Xilitla to run an Italian restaurant. He is begging the tourists to return. Since the state department issued its travel warnings to Mexico, they hang by a thread. He is seen here in the photo holding his young child. With lunch still heavy in our stomachs, we offer to return later for dinner.

It is nap time for many. Charlie retreats to his room and begins to plan formulate the plan for the towns we can make. He arrives on our private rooftop for the riders meeting with Plan A and Plan B for consideration. We are heading towards Guanajuanto tomorrow.

Betty has noted that there appears to be coffee beans growing on the steep slopes very high up in the mountains.

Dark of night surrounds us as we head back to El Museo for dinner. We are really stretching Charlies budget on this one, but he doesn’t seem to flinch much. We choose many different Italian dishes, and each one is as scrumptious as the next. Susan and Bob order Pizza. Check out the spagatti in the background. Keep El Museo on your list of restaurants when you visit Xilitla, you won’t be disappointed.

Good night Xilitla. We will be back and bring friends!


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