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So I ride to work this morning. BRRR. Got the grips on high. I pull into the shop and I smell hot electrical. I assume it is the electric motor shop across the street burning wire again. RIde home tonight and BRRRRRRRRRR. Pull it in the carport and same smell. I don't see any smoke. Just smells hot. Can't see where it is coming from. I did not get this smell before the new stator. I also did not need the grips to be on high cause it wasn't 33 degrees out. Thank goodness it is a short ride to work. I was sniffing around for the source of the stink. Smells the worst around the controller for the grips. BIke Master grips is what they are. Anyone have this same smelly problem with their grips when the are new?

All fixed. Just have to ride ride ride. At least until the next thing. I think I fixed about all the normal problems people have with these. So I guess the motor will probably blow next.
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