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Just a small note here, as Lyndon Poskitt confirmed in a RalyRaidio call-in, KTM have already started on their next generation Rallye bike, and it is confirmed to have EFI, as EU laws state that all plated motorcycles must have EFi after 2015 (or '17, don't remember). But fuel restrictions in an endurance off road race? Not sure, as pilots always carry extra fuel to make up for navigation mistakes. I think restricting fuel on a race like the Dakar will never happen, it's just that to pass scrutineering you will probably need a "green" sticker or some sort of documentation that the original bike/engine conforms to road - legal emissions / specs etc

Yes, certainly, the KTM Will have to go to EFI - if only to dovetail into their production bikes. Not a good look, if you don't have faith in your tech, and use carbs, methinks.

EFI being compulsory - not surprised. Though, if it really reads that way, it's complete and utter BS. I'd have to say it will come down to use of only EU certified induction. And, EFI / DFI, may be the only way to achieve that, or, it may be the way to totally "lock" the induction, if you get my drift.

Heck, we are not that far off from ABS becoming mandatory for road use in the EU. Though, I've heard / read there may be exemptions / loop holes for some types of bikes. Anyone remember the Husky / BMW ABS that a few journos tested last year? Husky / BM, getting a jump on things, I'd say.

As Stupid as fuel restrictions sound to Us, don't ever, say never. It's the sort of crap Honda would push for, and it may also be the sort of thing that may be put in place, to placate the Enviro Nazis. Yep, restrict the vehicles in competition, but not the support / event vehicles, and not the **Zillions** of spectators getting out in the Boonies to watch proceedings. Ah, the mindset of 'those that care", can be a strange, and frightening thing.

Make it so you've got a maximum fuel load, with a controlled reserve, that you get big penalties for tapping into. Quite the "control nightmare".

I absolutely don't approve of that sort of thing, but, as I get older, and as I've seen so much change to our sport, nothing, and I mean Nothing, would surprise me, be it Hondas Influence and Shenanigans, ASOs rulings, and the "Fun Police's" ever growing power.

The **Zillions** Of Spectators :

Is this not the most Awesome thing?

To say South America has embraced the Dakar, is one of the greatest understatements of all time.

I'd say that the bidding to have the event pass through a country, is full on, if not downright nasty. Really, the drongos that go on about ASO being in the laps of BMW / Mini, or say, KTM, have no idea.

ASO, I would assume, are getting serious money, from various countries' Governments. It would be relatively cheap advertising for the countries involved.

South America, is a economic giant, in the making. Although, I believe for many countries there, they already are there. Just the potential bike / car sales in South America, would justify the money manufacturers would be spending. Look to the amount of high end SUVs, out in the never never, watching stages. Burro's, and old dungers, are rapidly being replaced by the sort of toys we 'westerners' have had for so long.
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