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Originally Posted by crash!!! View Post
Hey Luke,

Glad to see you made time to put up a ride report. Glad you mentioned my name as the guy in Fairbanks. Looks like you had a great trip and I am glad you called me when you get back to town, I always worry about people heading north on the dalton. Anyways if you make it south to Texas you have a couch to sleep on and a dr pepper with your name on it. FYI I will be in alaska for D2D and you are more than welcome to join us for that shindig.
Hey Ryan, glad you found me! I figured there was a chance you might see this. If not, I was going to send you a text with a link to it when I was done writing it. I can't remember, did you go over the Top of the World highway later in the summer after I saw you? Or was it before? Good thing you mentioned it, I decided to ride it as well. Had to ride through some rain, but it was well worth it. Definitely a road to ride in Alaska. I'm about to get there in my thread in 5 or 6 more posts.

I doubt I will be in Texas anytime soon, haven't been there since day 29 of this trip. Thanks for the offer though. Maybe next year if my brother gets into Texas Tech for his geology masters, ill consider a ride down there. Lets know if you ever come through montana. You are more than welcome to stop by.

What/when is D2D? There is a chance ill be up there in August.
Go riding today.
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