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What's really funny is that in Madison, I'm kinda normal. In Boaz, I'm kinda black. In Jamaica, I'm lilly white.

No, it wasn't a nudist resort. It was a couples resort. There was a nude area, which is always fun (I'm the kind of guy who loves to run around naked. I'm like, "Whooo-eee! I'm Naked!!!") but it rained and it was too windy for the resort to open the nude area. Dang.

The average age: around mine, which is older than I can believe.

Other than the almost-mugging, the food and drink were fucking amazing. Other than the wind and rain, the weather was fucking amazing. Other than not having a motorcyle to ride, the travel was fucking amazing. It's nice- really nice- to not have to ride a motorcycle in the rain.
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