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Originally Posted by PoundSand View Post
Well... To be fair, it sounds like it would be scary while it was happening, but it doesn't sound like you were actually in danger- if they wanted to f' you up, they would have, but they were 'just' trying to shake you down.
Of course I was actually in danger. I could see their minds working. I was walking that super-thin line between showing enough bravado to make them back down, and showing too much false bravado and provoking a vicious attack. If I had been just a little more drunk, or a little less sober, or made a wrong move, then I'd have had the shit kicked out of me.

Did I mention those guys were BIG?

I kept saying to myself, "I wrestle cattle for a fucking living. The steers weigh 1000 pounds. These guys only weigh 225-250 and they probably don't wrestle every day. The vicoden is in the safe in the hotel and there's a hospital near by. Chicks dig guys with scars..."
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