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Glad to hear everyone is OK- the guy could have been killed- nevermind you! California allows motor-vehicle citations while operating a bicycle on public highways- was he cited by the police? When I lived in San Francisco I knew bicycle messengers that couldn't get a drivers license as they had accumulated so many points- while pedaling!

Q: I see you have some LED lights- were they on at the time of the accident? Headlight on high beam as well? You gotta run this stuff all the time, especially in heavily urban areas! It was dangerous as hell before cell phones- with vehicular cell phone use at the dangerous level it is today we need all the attention we can create- but i'ts hard to prevent stupidity sometimes! With 110 watts of HID/110 watts halogen lighting my bike looks like a magnesium flare when viewed from the front- I'll risk a ticket any day if it means people will see me, and they don't pull out or turn left in front of me anymore!

It doesn't look totalled to me & I've done estimates to try & HELP riders get a new bike. You usually have to reach 80% of current value (Kelly's Blue Book or the insurance industry's own figures) for repair including all parts & labor. Most insurance companies have arrangements to sell totalled motorcycles to certain dealers or salvage yards, so you may not be able to get it. Further they don't sell vehicles at 10% of value after paying out to you- they know what motorcycles are worth & they are a for-profit business, and without a pending bodily injury claim (from you) you don't have much bargaining power. You SURE you're OK? Offer to sign a medical/bodily injury release (which is what they really want) if they'll work with you on the bike.

If the frame is damaged you (or a shop) will need to literally cut the VIN section of the frame & send it to KTM NA in Ohio where they will get a new VIN and apply it to the replacement frame. California (& other states) used to change the color of ink on Salvage Titles to brown to prevent resale to an unsuspecting buyer- now most states just print "Salvage" somewhere on the title.

Best bet is to have the shop in the area with the highest labor rate do the estimate. KTM does have service flat rates found on to break down repair times for the estimate. An enire frame & body replacement would be less than 10 hours (which would include removal & replacing all the broken bodywork/etc to get to the frame) and at (example) $85/hr that's only $850, so you're going to need a lot of parts replaced before you arrive at 80% of $8500

Good Luck
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