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Originally Posted by kano650 View Post
Hey Domonsura, I'm upgrading my GPS60cx and have been looking at the Montana in particular. Its an expensive unit but looks the goods IMO mainly due to the size of the screen. Unless I'm missing something, on the garmin website the Oregon 450T has a 3" diagonal screen size ( 240x400 pixels) compared to the Montana 650t with 4" diag (272x480 pixels). Looking at some video of the two side by side the Montana is clearly a much larger unit, although about the same thickness as the Oregon. One feature I like on the Montana is the dual orientation screen allowing it be mounted in landscape or portrait position on the bike. I just re-read your post and see you mention the Oregon can't do this. After using the 60cx for so long with such a small screen and limited lateral viewing area I'm thinking either unit would be good but may be worth shelling out the extra $$ for the large screen and landscape mode. Hey, if Colebatch uses the Montana its gotta be good right?
That's weird - I was comparing the specs side by side for the 450 Oregon and the 650 Montana directly from the Garmin website on two separate tabs while I wrote that post, and the Montana specs definitely showed smaller screen dimensions at the time - I even thought about copy pasting it into the post then - looks like I should have as they seem to have changed (no shit - I even got the missus to come and check it as it didn't even seem right to me, but thats what it said!)
Oh well. I was wrong on that point then. Wouldn't have been the first time :) (Although this time I had help from Garmin)
PERSONALLY it wouldn't make enough of a difference to cough up the extra, as that extra size of the Montana makes it just a little more unwieldy IMHO and while landscape view would be nice I'm not sure it would make enough difference (to me) whilst riding to make it that much easier to read (to spend $300 extra). Each to their own though. Maybe they'll come down in price drastically like the Oregon did......(straight after I bought the bloody thing )
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