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Originally Posted by GreatWhiteNorth View Post
General concensus is track minimum should be 75% of wheelbase ... some prefer more. It's easy to go too wide - suggest not a good idea for an adventure bike. The info is there, and there are links out to other similar threads or articles. That entire thread is well worth reading IMO.
My 2c though I think you have a V as against my Wee and You gonna put your chair on the wrong side.
I made mine 1650mm wide overall, and I reckon that to be a bit narrow for stability when turning towards the chair while its empty. Had a few scarey moments already and thats on well known local roads.
Even cars move over when they see you pick up the chair and head towards them.
1850mm or six feet wide would be nearer to my next build width I think.
Oh and a steering mod to reduce trail will take a heap of work out of the equation.
I have yet to do that but its on the gunna list.
Cheers Bruce
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