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Originally Posted by blackx70 View Post
When I got my bike, there were weights on the front wheel. I replaced the tire and removed the weights. I did a spin balance and could not find a heavy spot. I have been running with no weight on the front and everything seems fine.
Your statement lacks info such as how many miles on tire at that point in it's life & if it was worn in a way that it was still concentric & also was it worn evenly vs. say scalloped or chicken stripped or worn on one side more than other-all which are common & expected- sorry to say that your scenario doesn't add information as to wheel balance issues. Not a reproach just saying nothing added to the conversation here.
FWIW, if the assy was in balance w/o weights it seems likely that after much use the tire would be worn unevenly or maybe the weights caused it to "become" concentric/in balance? You also don't say why the weights were removed?
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