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I think, or would like to think, that tire production has evolved far enough that sometimes, most of the time, all of the time, they are dead nuts balanced when formed in the mold.

To be honest about my experience, I have never tried to balance my tires any other way, first. Hell, for all I know, all the tires I have mounted may not have needed balancing at all and I may not have needed the beads. But for less than the cost of one tire balance(You get charged for the service whether your tire needs weights or not) they have more than payed for themselves.
Even though I worked in a tire plant & fixed the machinery therein I too would like to hear whats changed since my 1960's/70's time there? FWIW, the "G Machine" that tractor fronts were built on was patented when G. Washington was president! Large truck tires were often still built on a similar machine. The car tires were either on a newer or older machine but it was about how the tire builder got the ply stock to the build drum and had zero to do with the actual tire itself-WHICH WAS HANDMADE! Every layer of material had hands on!!! involvement in the ply & tread application & splice quality to a large extent. Variations were hidden within the tire parts prior to curing & after. I was a green tire inspector for awhile after a military stint put my apprenticeship classes out of sync. You can place a crappily built tire in the mold and it may well come out looking perfect. Human & machine inspections after curing attempt to remove the bad ones but they are handmade still as far as I know???
All I ever read in MC mags is superficial info on tires & the tire ads are sameo.
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